Immerseum: We bring your museum experiences to homes and classrooms all over the world, and deepen your visitor experiences beyond the limits of your floor space.

Our specialists are happy to discuss your museum’s use of virtual reality in great detail at no obligation.

The Immerseum Platform

High-end VR

HTC Vive

Oculus Rift

PS VR (roadmap)

Available Q1 2018 for FREE on:




PlayStation Store

Planned for release in Q1 2018, Immerseum is a virtual reality application that will let people explore, discover, and immerse themselves in virtual museum experiences. Designed as a virtual analog to real-world museums, Immerseum gives you the ability to engage visitors and classrooms far from your real-world exhibits.

Full Immersion

Design interactive and immersive virtual experiences leveraging hands-on museum-based learning techniques.

Flexible Admissions Policies

Control how your virtual experiences are priced and presented. Each can be offered for free, on a per-visit basis, on a timed-access basis, or as a subscription.

Context-Sensitive Experience

Provide virtual visitors with age-appropriate and multi-lingual Audio Guides and Text Guides.


Offer group-pricing packages and provide groups with Supplemental Classroom Materials.

Integrated with Your Development Efforts

Let virtual visitors make In-App Gifts or purchase In-App Memberships.

Audience Engagement

VR in Use at Home

VR in Use in the Classroom

VR in Use in an Arcade


in your MUSEUM


in an ARCADE

Developing Virtual Experiences

Develop Content in Unity

Author your virtual experience using Unity®, one of the most widely used and most powerful game development platforms.

Turn-key Development with the Immerseum SDK

Let your designers and developers focus on the experience, not the mechanics. The Immerseum SDK shortens development cycles by providing:

Turn-key VR Mechanics:

  • Multiplatform Support
  • Locomotion
  • User Input Management
  • Play Area Management
  • Pointer Management
  • Object Manipulation

Turn-key Museum Functionality:

  • Age-appropriate Audio Guides
  • Age-appropriate Text Guides
  • Localization
  • Over 100 commonly-used Assets
  • Differentiated Pricing Models
  • Supplemental Classroom Materials

Immerseum is developer-neutral and currently works with over 200 VR developers.

Design your virtual experiences using:

  • your In-house Team,
  • Third-party Developers, or;
  • Immerseum’s Design Team.

Download a brief 2-page overview of the Immerseum Platform.

Our specialists are happy to discuss your museum’s use of virtual reality in great detail at no obligation.