So coming quickly on the heels of our last VR Simulator release, and again thanks to our excellent users, a new version has just gone live: VR Simulator v. BETA-0.8.3.

What’s New in VR Simulator v. BETA-0.8.3

This new version solves two bugs and includes three new features:

New Features

Respecting Initial Camera Rig X and Z Positions.

In our previous version, the VR Simulator would always move your camera rig to X:0 and Z:0 when initializing. This could cause problems if your camera starts somewhere other than (0,0,0). Now, the VR Simulator maintains your Camera Rig’s initial X and Z positions.

Singletons now destroyed between scenes.

In our previous version, the [VRSimulator] was a singleton that was not destroyed between scenes. Now, it is still a singleton but it does get destroyed loading a new scene. This means that you can easily apply new VR Simulator settings in your newly-loaded scene, and that you should include the [VRSimulator] prefab in every scene that you wish to simulate.

Added OnInitializeCameraRigEnd event.

We have now added an OnInitializeCameraRigEnd event which gets fired when the VR Simulator’s camera initialization has finished.

Bug Fixes

Missing MacOS Input Axis.

It turns out that our previous releases was missing one of the MacOS Input Axis: If you were using the VR Simulator on MacOS, you might have seen an exception complaining about “Gamepad_LThumbstickX_MacOS” not being setup. We fixed this, and have now included it in the updated InputAssetManager.asset file included in this release.

Refined Oculus Rift Simulated Height.

In our previous release, Oculus Rift was being simulated a little too high relative to the intended camera position. We fixed this, so that camera height is now being properly simulated.

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