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Bringing Museums Closer

Immerseum is developing a platform to bring museum content into living rooms and classrooms around the world using virtual reality.

Curation, Development, and Engagement are Hard Enough

Immerseum shortens your VR design process to extend/integrate your existing content, provides pathways for monetization to facilitate development efforts, and opens the door to new audiences.

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Accelerating Your VR Development

Let the Immerseum SDK take care of the plumbing, while you focus on the immersive museum experience.

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Latest from Immerseum

  • AAM2017 and MuseumExpo

EVENT: AAM 2017 and MuseumExpo

April 17, 2017
Stop by Booth 1110 at the MuseumExpo at the American Alliance of Museum's 2017 Annual Meeting to discuss the Immerseum platform and the opportunities it creates for museum VR experiences....

EVENT: Museums as a Framework for Educational VR Design

February 20, 2017
Join the VR in Education meetup in NYC on February 23rd, 2017, where Immerseum's founder and CEO Chris Modzelewski will be leading a discussion on "Museums as a Framework for...

VR Simulator v. RC-1.0 Released

February 4, 2017
Immerseum is pleased to announce the release of RELEASE CANDIDATE 1.0 of the Immerseum VR Simulator. This release includes a handful of bug fixes, documentation updates, and stability confirmation on...

Bringing Museums Closer: Why Museums and VR Are Perfect for Each Other

January 4, 2017
Museums enrich their visitors' lives by providing insight into their chosen subject matter. Whether that's the history of a particular region, some scientific principle, an artistic tradition, or anything else,...

VR Simulator v. BETA-0.9 Released (major update)

October 3, 2016
We’re very pleased to announce a major new upgrade to the VR Simulator. This brings us to VR Simulator v. BETA-0.9, and we’re expecting this to be the last major beta release...

VR Simulator v. BETA-0.8.3 Released

September 8, 2016
So coming quickly on the heels of our last VR Simulator release, and again thanks to our excellent users, a new version has just gone live: VR Simulator v. BETA-0.8.3. What’s New in VR...
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